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With the help of the Vorimo program you can now calculate the fair market value of your company, and save thousands or just get a second opinion to what your accountant is telling you. You don't need to be an accountant or have a degree in finance to use this tool.

The Vorimo program was developed by a team of business consultants who have worked with small to medium businesses over the last 40 years. We have put our experience into an easy to use tool, to help you calculate the fair market value of a business that you might want to buy or sell.

This web based tool is available on the web on subscription basis.

A 30 day subscription to the Vorimo -program is only 100 Euro, The price is inclusive of VAT.

We also offer a 12 month value subscription to the Vorimo_pro -program for 800 Euro The price is inclusive of VAT.

You can activate your subscription by clicking on the link order the program. For your convenience, we accept most credit cards or Visa Electron cards. You will be able to register as a user immediately after your payment. Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail with your username and password. You are now ready to sign in and use the program.

Company valuation

1. Tutustu pörssiosakkeen analyyseissä esiintyviin termeihin.
2. Syötä analyysilaskennassa pörssiyhtiön keskeiset, osakkeen arvoon vaikuttavat tekijät ohjelmalle.


Input the income statement information
2. Input the balance sheet information
3. Proceed to Company Valuation page where the price of your company is calculated from the values you have input.

Public Company's stock
1. Get acquainted with the terms used in the analysis of a public company's stock.
2. In the analysis page input the central values that affect the stock into the program.

1. Input the information from an income statement.
2. Proceed to franchise profitability page, where you can valuate and compere the franchise business to current situation.

At any time, you can delete all the data you have input into the program and it will erased from our system. We will keep no data of your input data.

If you would like a written estimate of the price of your company, please contact us by using the feedback form.