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Valuatiun of Franchise company

With this program you can valuate your own chances as a franchisee and find the necessaary treshold values for profitable franchise operation.

Franchising is a long term business co-operation between two independent companies, the franchisor and the franchisee. The franchisor does not usually finance the the operations of the franchisee and does not own any share of the franchisee's company. The co-operation is based on a business modell that the franchisor has developed and handed over to the franchisee. This business modell is followed by all the participants of the franchise chain.

When one looks at franchising, it might appear as outsourcing and also as a way to share risks. It can also be viewed as an easy way to get close to private entrpenourship, which allows the the profits from onesĀ„ efforts to be used for ones' own benefit.